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Founded in 2016

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From startups to Fortune 500 companies, WestLink develops new products, augments client teams with specialists, and consults with companies to optimize and expand their existing solutions.

100+ Clients
75+ developers
7+ Years Exp

WestLink designs and develops custom cloud-native software solutions for advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, bioinformatics, and IoT applications.

We build cross-device, cloud native, and scalable systems that are robust enough to tackle the world’s most challenging problems. We bring expertise in everything from cross-platform mobile app development to deep learning, neural networks, generative AI, data science & visualization, microservices, wearables, and more. These are the kinds of cross-device, data-rich, and innovative solutions that win awards and transform companies.

Why WestLink?


We approach projects with an entrepreneurial mindset, using off-the-shelf options where possible, to minimize expenses, speed time to market, and deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients.


Our skilled professionals have years of experience in custom software development and continuously expand their skills and knowledge to deliver the most advanced solutions.


Our team has received multiple awards for our product development work, demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Easy to Work With

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, providing clear communication and transparency throughout a project. Our collaborative approach ultimately helps us deliver solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.

Strategic Partnerships

As AWS and Shopify partners, we have access to the latest tools for developing web and mobile apps, allowing us to offer the most innovative and effective solutions.

Client Focused

We are client-focused and live to create custom software that meets our clients’ unique requirements. We are committed to putting client outcomes first.

2023 Clutch Award

9x CES Awards

AWS Partner

Most Reviewed Company

2023 Clutch Award

Roddy Richards

Founder, CEO

Before founding WestLink, Roddy was CEO and CTO at a series of successful companies and startups, including RescueID, Inc., Allify, JustSingIt app, and more! Roddy is also part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global business network of 14,000+ entrepreneurs in 193 chapters and 60 countries.

Roddy plays many roles within WestLink, including technical architect and lead software engineer for enterprise and large government customers (past clients including Diageo North America, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Salesforce Services, and QlikTech International AB). He also has 15 years of experience as a venture-backed CTO, which helps him ensure WestLink clients are happy with their final software and that the software built is the right “it” for the client.


Anca Onuta


Anca holds a BS in Computer Science, MS in Project Management, and has more than 10 years of experience in the technology field with specific expertise in the oil and gas, education, and IT infrastructure industries. She has worked for Fortune Global 500 Companies like Oracle, Tata Consultancy Services, OMV, and has managed international projects for firms in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Anca is PMP certified and has been internationally recognized for her project management achievements, most notably as the recipient of the 2014 IPMA Youth Project Manager Jury Commendation Award. After a year of traveling around South America, Anca left the corporate world to apply her skill set within the start-up space and work with innovative entrepreneurs.


Dan Kuthy


Dan Kuthy is a highly experienced, results-driven growth expert with a track record of success in technology, marketing, and growth. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of WestLink and Principal at Measured Growth.

Before joining WestLink, Dan was the Head of Growth at TopTal, a leading global network of experienced, tech-savvy professionals. In this role, he was responsible for driving growth across all channels, from organic to paid, and for developing and executing innovative strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

Dan holds a BA in Advertising from Michigan State and is passionate about working with companies to help them achieve their growth objectives. He is an active member of the digital marketing community. 


Custom Software That Drives Innovation & Growth in Businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was WestLink founded?

WestLink was founded in 2016 by Roddy Richards in Boulder, CO. Since then WestLink has worked with 50+ companies to create custom software solutions that facilitate growth on a project basis and augmented existing teams with the experts needed to solve inefficiencies.

How many people work for WestLink?

WestLink is staffed with 75+ highly skilled professionals with years of experience developing and implementing custom software solutions. We are continuously adding skilled and knowledgeable developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to our team to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology and provide our clients with the most advanced software solutions.

What methodologies does WestLink follow for software development?

WestLink uses an Agile methodology approach to software development. Agile emphasizes collaboration, adaptability, customer satisfaction, and promotes the continuous delivery of working software through short iterations or sprints.

How soon can WestLink start my project?

WestLink can start requirements gathering for your project typically within a week. Once the requirements gathering phase is complete, which normally takes 2-3 weeks, we can begin the development process immediately. We aim to ensure a smooth and timely project kickoff, aligning with your desired timeline and delivering high-quality results.

How does WestLink handle communication and collaboration throughout the development process?

WestLink prioritizes effective communication and collaboration with its clients throughout the development process. We use Slack as our primary communication tool, enabling real-time messaging, file sharing, and quick discussions. This ensures that our team and clients can easily stay connected and quickly address any queries or concerns. We also conduct regular status meetings to keep everyone aligned and updated on the project’s progress, typically on Zoom.

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