Case Study: "SprayValet"


Bringing the professional spray tan experience to your doorstep

  • Marketing website
  • Mobile apps development and distribution: iOS and Android apps for clients and providers
  • Web platform for client development
  • Admin panel for SprayValet staff
  • Backend and API development (Python)
  • Integration with third-party APIs
  • Marketing materials and assets
Spray Valet BG

SprayValet is a platform that provides on-the-go spray tanning services 24/7, meeting clients wherever they may be. The Westlink team designed and developed a fully custom experience on mobile and web for booking appointments for the clients, and an easy-to-use solution for providers—our network of valets—where they can manage their schedule of appointments. We developed an admin panel for SprayValet staff where they can easily manage all app data and payments.


From ideation to delivery to production
30 weeks


Development team
6 persons

Web application for the clients

Marketing website

Mobile app for clients

Clients App 1 Fav Book Checkout Subscription
Clients App 2 Fav My Booking
Clients App 3 Chat

Mobile app for providers

Providers Dashboard 1
Providers Appointment Step 2
Providers Dashboard Calendar View 3