Our Team

WestLink is an award-winning product development studio led by a multicultural,
distributed team, headquartered in Colorado. We’re developers, designers and
entrepreneurs at heart and we’re excited to share our passion for this work with you.

Roddy Richards

Founder, CEO

Before founding WestLink, Roddy was CEO and CTO at a series of successful companies and startups, including RescueID, Inc., Allify, JustSingIt app, and more! Roddy is also part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization which is a global business network of 14,000+ entrepreneurs in 193 chapters and 60 countries.

Roddy plays many roles within WestLink including technical architect and lead software engineer for enterprise and large government customers (past clients including Diageo North America, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Salesforce Services, and QlikTech International AB). He also has 15 years of experience as a venture-backed CTO which helps him ensure WestLink clients are happy with their final software and that the software built is the right “it” for the client.



Anca Onuta


Anca holds a BS in Computer Science, MS in Project Management, and has more than 10 years of experience in the technology field with specific expertise in the oil and gas, education, and IT infrastructure industries. She has worked for Fortune Global 500 Companies like Oracle, Tata Consultancy Services, OMV, and has managed international projects for firms in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Anca is PMP certified and has been internationally recognized for her project management achievements. Most notably, as the recipient of the 2014 IPMA Youth Project Manager Jury Commendation Award. After a year of traveling around South America, Anca decided to leave the corporate world to apply her skill set within the start-up space and work with innovative entrepreneurs.



Dan Kuthy


Dan Kuthy is a highly experienced, results-driven growth expert with a track record of success in technology, marketing, and growth. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of WestLink, and Principal at Measured Growth.

Prior to joining WestLink, Dan was the Head of Growth at TopTal, a leading global network of experienced, tech-savvy professionals. In this role, he was responsible for driving growth across all channels, from organic to paid, and for developing and executing innovative strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

Dan holds a BA in Advertising from Michigan State, and he has a passion for working with companies to help them achieve their growth objectives. He is an active member of the digital marketing community. 


Hanna Klimushka

Product Owner

Scrum Master and Product/Project Manager who has practiced Scrum and Kanban methodologies for almost 10 years, Hanna strives to help companies maintain healthy corporate atmospheres through stellar organization and team facilitation. Hanna studied at the National Technical University and has ample experience in healthcare web and mobile apps, AI products, UX, and digital marketing. 

She is a big fan of Agile methodologies and excels at setting up processes that help her team make clients happy and give life to amazing software. She loves what she does and treats each project at WestLink as a new adventure.


Mykhailo Bilokon

Product Owner

Mykhailo is the Product Owner of a tech system that provides processing services for over 1 million customers in 30+ markets within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Mykhailo’s broad experience in IT and project management allow him to seamlessly lead a virtual team of IT experts.

Mykhailo is highly analytical and his management skills help him solve problems in a systematic manner. He is also experienced in the strategic and operational levels of business, and can easily switch from technical to business language when discussing projects. Mykhailo has a strong track record of delivering results and managing business improvements for our clients.


Pavel Kavaleu

Project Manager

Pavel has a MBA in Project Management, a BS in Finance, and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management. He is a highly motivated project manager who is passionate about building teams that meet set business objectives. In his free time, Pavel enjoys traveling, experiencing other cultures, and catching waves.

When working with Pavel you can expect a project manager who easily juggles multiple tasks and people, an effective communicator, and someone who always goes above and beyond for his clients. At WestLink, Pavel translates client’s needs and expectations into direct tasks for our development team that help us deliver on time, on budget, and quality projects.


Nathan Robinson

Product Owner

Nathan is a product manager with proven success in defining, and building B2B, B2C, B2B2C, mobile, web, and wearable products. Nathan’s focus, following a few years at IBM Watson, has been developing products that leverage the power of AI & ML. Nathan has played critical roles in building multiple chatbots and a variety of products that utilize NLP, image recognition, ML, generative AI, and more. He is passionate topics such as product management and AI and has been invited to speak at universities and conferences such as IP for AI. Nathan’s products have received awards and recognition including the NAR Hackathon winner, Forbes tech to watch, TechCrunch top AI products, Most innovative tech award, and more.

Nathan focuses primarily on building MVPs and net-new products such as building software that made organization’s first $100k, or a new mobile app’s first 100k MAU. Previously, he’s also lead product for large organizations in complex regulatory environments with applications utilized by millions and deployed in dozens of languages and countries.

We are Global

WestLink is a Colorado-based digital product development studio with a team of 65+ experts experts around the world who help us deliver products at scale.