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True Spec Golf

The premier club fitting experience with 30+ locations worldwide

Project Description

The True Spec Golf website enables users to access information about its Premier Club Fitting Experience and book fitting sessions at more than 30 studios worldwide.

WestLink was responsible for designing and developing the website, as well as creating a streamlined booking flow that connects golfers with fitters in various locations and time zones.

WestLink continues to provide ongoing support for True Spec Golf to enhance the overall user experience of its website.
over 3 years
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True Spec Golf

True Spec Golf, a global leader in custom club fitting and building, provides an elite fitting experience to golf enthusiasts around the world. With more than 30 studios worldwide, the company is committed to enhancing both golfers’ equipment and their performance on the course.

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, such as TrackMan launch monitors and Club-Conex, True Spec Golf assists golfers in discovering the perfect blend of clubhead, shaft, grip, and other specifications tailored to their swing and playing style. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, True Spec’s comprehensive club fitting offers a personalized experience that can truly take your game to the next level.

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Client Testimonials

ClinOne, Inc.

I have always been impressed with WestLink’s approach to communication. They integrate into your team and truly feel like augmented staff.

Dermeleve Advanced Derm Solutions LLC

They are very flexible in the manner in which they work. They are accurate and professional in presenting timelines and budgets, but also were able to switch to an ad-hoc basis as needed which is really helpful for us.


WestLink built us a fully functioning, dynamic, beautiful site that is easy to update and adjustable when needed. WestLink is knowledgeable, efficient, and fun to work with.


I was satisfied with WestLink’s work — they were great! We have about 4,600 customers using our app. Although we found a few bugs during the testing phase that they fixed, there were none once we launched the app.


The team was really dynamic and scaled up as we needed. We were happy with everything, no critiques.

Spray Valet

Our clients love our app! We now have the ability to scale to the size we want with technology and marketing that supports this growth.

MAX Sports Health

WestLink has a very agile team. They’re able to understand how something is supposed to be done, and they can execute that from start to finish.

True Spec Golf

They’re wonderful to work with and were extremely helpful. I would go as far to say they are experts in their field. We are privileged to have their assistance on a regular basis.

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